Austin Hotel & Lodging Association

AH&LA is a non-profit trade association of hotel managers and industry suppliers. Our goal is to keep our members up-to-date on local business trends, co-operatives, marketing opportunities and regulatory and legislative changes that could impact the way you do business.

Being a member of Austin Hotel & Lodging Association you will help influence and improve the hotel and lodging industry in Austin and surrounding areas as well as having the opportunity to network with other industry professionals and leaders.

Mission Statement

  • Realize our peers are not our rivals but business people like ourselves. Together we can achieve what would be impossible individually.
  • Allow each of us a voice in our industry regardless of the size of our business, realizing that united we are a much more powerful force.
  • Learn about new trends, ideas, technologies and business skills.
  • Help each of us improve our bottom line. Everyone benefits when the general business climate improves.
  • Receive timely communications from the association on current trade practices, trends and reports of general interest.
  • Assist in the enactment and enforcement of effective laws that impact our industry and our customers.
  • Network and communicate with local businesses, civic and government entities to address issues impacting the hospitality industry.
  • Collect data and information on how industry vendors and suppliers perform to assist in future buying and contract decisions.