Questions about your current recycling and composting.

    1. Do you currently recycle?

    Yes, I do.No, I don't.

    2. Do you currently compost?

    Yes, I do.No, I don't.

    3. If you currently do not recycle or compost, do you plan to start this year?

    Yes, I do.No, I don't.

    4. Is ownership opposed to recycling or composting due to cost?

    Yes.No.I don't know.

    5. Is your physical plant/dock preventing you from composting or recycling?

    Yes.No.I don't know

    6. Do you believe recycling or composting is the right thing to do?


    7. Are you aware of the city ordinances regarding recycling and composting?


    8. Do you feel you will be able to meet the city's deadlines for recycling and composting?


    9. Would you like a hotel member that recycles and/or composts, to reach out to you to help you get your program started?

    Yes, please!No, not right now.

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