Nomination Deadline – December 6th

AHLA Star of the Industry Awards will proudly recognize the best of the following SEVEN categories. Finalist will be announced December 11th and winner awarded at GALA.

Nomination Guidelines and FAQs

Who is eligible?
AHLA members in good standing
How many individuals (or company) may I nominate?
Only (1) nominee per category
Is a form required for each nomination?
Yes. (1) form is required per nominee
May I nominate my company?
Yes! Please feel free to nominate your hotel/business
When is the deadline?
December 4th this is a firm deadline
Where do I send a written form?
Any form not filled out on line may be scanned and sent to [email protected]
When will I be notified if my nominee makes the top 3?
You will be contacted by December 11th
Who qualifies for which category?
See categories below

Award Categories:

FRONT OF HOUSE: Hourly employees in the Front Office, PBX, Concierge, Valet/Bellman, Recreation, Fitness, Golf, Spa, Servers, Bar Staff, Banquet Servers, Hosts/Bussers, Baristas, Room Service, and Reservations

HEART OF HOUSE: Hourly employees in Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance/Engineering, Loss Prevention, Landscaping, Administration, Accounting/Purchasing, Human Resources, Chefs/Cooks, Stewards, and Event Set up Staff

SALE & MARKETING: Managerial or hourly employees in Sales, Marketing, Events, and Revenue Management

OUTSTANDING LEADER: Managers and supervisors from any department.

COMMUNITY SPIRIT AWARD: This award is given to a hotel, allied business or individual in recognition for their acts of a charitable nature that have left a profound and recognizable mark on the community

STUDENT AWARD: Any High School or College student that is pursuing a hospitality degree while working part time or more and demonstrates aptitude and professionalism as a future star of our industry

ALLIED MEMBER of the Year: This award recognizes the Allied Member whose continued partnership has further the goals of the AHLA, provided the means or resources to improve our community, and / or creates a service culture that permeates their team and the member hotels they serve.

*Please try to fill each section. Use N/A if description does not apply

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    Part 1

    Please select a Star of the Industry, guest service:

    1.Name of nominee and/or organization:(required)

    2.Nominee job title/position:(required)

    4.Date of hire?(required)

    5.How long has the nominee been with the hospitality industry?(required)

    Part 2

    1.Going Above and Beyond- Please describe the individual’s characteristics – including their leadership, honesty, positive attitude, and willingness to “go the extra mile” and that focus on the guest experience. (limit 250 words)(required)

    2.Creativity/Efficiency/Innovation- Describe instances where this individual has used creative thinking, innovation, or technology to solve a problem, assist a guest/client, or improve your company’s overall performance (limit 100 words):(required)

    3.Involvement/Community- Describe instance of this individual’s involvement within the hotel, with their team, with local community, and/or hospitality industry. (limit 100 words)(required)

    4.Driven to serve/hospitality focus- Describe how this individual desire to learn more and apply their talents in an effort to serve or how they use their skills to help to develop and mentor others for the benefit of the company/brand and the hospitality industry. (limit 100 words)(required)

    5.Being a Team Player- Describe instances where this individual performed exceptional tasks to benefit a team of their peers or worked exceedingly to ensure team success. (limit 100 words)(required)

    6. Employee Focused Experience- Describe instance in which this individual assisted to improve internal relations among fellow workers or where they enforced the brand image or culture to others. (limit 100 words)(required)

    7. Additional accomplishments/other comments – Use this space to include any additional information that may help the committee determine the merit of your candidate.

    *Finalists to be announced December 12th and winners awarded at Gala.