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    PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK: AUSTIN HOTEL & LODGING ASSOCIATION (AHLA) claims no responsibility for event that results in accident, injury or stolen property. Player is held fully responsible. AHLA is a non-profit organization and is to be held harmless in this event. Player will play at their own risk and obey all game rules and guidelines.




    All participants must be affiliated with AHLA and players must be family or staff of the property/business.

    • The serve is the act of putting the ball into play by the right back-row player who hits the ball with one hand or arm from the service zone.
    • Authorization (whistle blow) of the serve must be given to the server from the referee before the serve may be hit. Otherwise the ball is dead and will be re-served.
    • You may serve from anywhere along the back line.
    • You may not attack the serve
    • A served ball that tips the net is still a live ball

    • All matches are rally scoring.
    • Open hand dinks are legal.
    • Players are not permitted to scoop, hold or lift the ball. The ball must be clearly hit.
    • There is no centerline. You may cross under the net providing that you do not contact a player from the other side or hinder their play of the ball.
    • The ball must cross the plane of the net before contact may be made unless it is the 3rd hit by the offense and the contact is made to block the shot.
    • Contact with the net is a violation. This includes contact made by hats, hair or clothing.
    • Crossing or playing over any of the ball guards is a dead ball.
    • Crossing into the other court or onto the Outback patio is a dead ball.
    • A stray ball onto court constitutes a replay unless the official declares the play dead before the ball encroached the court.